Division Officer Elections For 2019:          

Brigadier General Ken Sumner Commander
Colonel Don Lay  Deputy Commander
Colonel Jimmy White  Artillery Commander
Major Kevin Freeman Deputy Hvy Artillery Commander
Major Barry Winn  Mountain Howitzer Btty Commander
Major Barry Bowden Secretary & Treasurer
Colonel Brien McWilliams  Cavalry Commander
Lt. Colonel Keith Fisher  Dismounted Cavalry Commander
Maj. Rob Snapp  Cavalry Branch Adjutant
Capt. Rob Munch Chief of Couriers and Scouts
Lt. Colonel Michael Wilcox Quartermaster
Capt. JT Dickerson Provost Department
Lt. Colonel Victor Tubbs Division Chaplain
Major J.W. Binion  Division Chaplain
                     Mrs Sandra Sumner and Mrs Dee Bowden Co-Directors, Civilian Branch
Maggie Grimes  Medical Department   Head Nurse Matron
Colonel Jack Thomason Chief Surgeon

Captain Larry Carter  Division Insurance and Aide De Camp
Alabama Division of Reenactors
Staff and Branch Officers