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Dedicated to reliving history in an accurate a manner as is possible so that the sacrifices of
our ancestor in fire forming our country to what it is today are never forgotten
We want all of you who have participated with or been a part of our Alabama Division of Reenactors over
the years since 1986 to know how deeply you are appreciated both within Alabama and in the South! Your
service to our Citizens in presenting their history and keeping alive the dedication, sacrifice and travails of
all of our ancestors, Blue or Gray can never be slaluted enough.

To our Founding Members, Bill Smart, Frank Brower, Bear-tooth Myers, Don Smith and all of you THANK

To Our Past Commanders again Thank You, all!

To YOU who follows this tradition into the next cycle of War Between the States, never let the flame of
Freedom waver nor die out. They gave their all so you can enjoy those precious freedoms and opposed
tyrany no matter where it raises its ugly head!
The Alabama Division of Reenactors, Inc.
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MARCH upcoming events

27 / 1-Mar    150th Battle for Broxton Bridge
   Plantation     Ehrhardt, S

March 2-3rd Battle of Okolona Mississippi
                  Located on Original Battlefield
13 / 15    150th Gainesville      4th Alabama Cav. & Seldons
14 / 15    Andersonville Living History
                             2nd Ga Sharp Shooters      229-924-0343
20 / 22   150th Battle of Bentonville NC
28 / 29   Janney Furnace       Ketchum's Battery                
27 / 29    Siege of Bridgeport   D. Glenn Hill

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Support The 10th CS Cavalry and Colonel Sean Paul at Aiken

This Was A Fine Event

Battle of Aiken SC
Feb 20-22nd

Col. Sean Paul invites our Division to come participate with him as he hosts Aiken!
Wonderful Battlefield and large turn out!
info contact


Battle of Okolona Mississippi
Located on Original Battlefield
Hwy 41 West, Okolona, Mississippi
A victory for Major General Nathan B. Forrest
Saturday, February 21st and Sunday, February 22nd, 2015
Ball on Saturday night featuring "Lost Cause" band.  online registration and schedule of events
info contact :
Dispatch Received at Head-Quarters
On The Upper Reaches of the Tallapoosa River

From Colonel McWilliams, Division Cavalry Commander

Battle of Okolona Mississippi
Located on Original Battlefield
Hwy 41 West, Okolona, Mississippi
The Event Has Been Moved to March 2-3rd

Col Brien McWilliams

Officer Commanding,

Alabama Division Cavalry
A Special and Precious Time For Major Barry Winn!
WELCOME States Rights Volunteers and the 10th
Confederate Cavalry to Our Division!

Folks these are our Brothers and Sisters and we
indeed need to support them as our own unit!

11:47 AM  02/28/2015

Friends, I'm sure most of you have heard that the Fisher family had a house fire yesterday and
have probably lost almost everything.  They are okay and living in a motel provided by their
insurance company.  I plan to drive over to Florence this morning and lend whatever moral
support I can.  Meanwhile, Shirli Kralik has set up a charitable fund (see below) where people
may send contributions to help if they desire to.  Please keep Keith, Michelle, Ryan, and Melissa
in your prayers.

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