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Welcome to our Civil War Living History and Battle Web Site!
Dedicated to reliving history in an accurate a manner as is
possible so that the sacrifices of our ancestor in fire forming
our c
ountry to what it is today are never forgotten.
We want all of you who have participated with or been a part of our
Alabama Division of Reenactors over the years since 1986 to know how
deeply you are appreciated both within Alabama and in the South! Your
service to our Citizens in presenting their history and keeping alive the
dedication, sacrifice and travails of all of our ancestors, Blue or Gray can
never be slaluted enough.

To our Founding Members, Bill Smart and all of you THANK YOU!

To Our Past Commanders again Thank You, all!

To YOU who follows this tradition into the next cycle of War Between the
States, never let the flame of Freedom waver nor die out. They gave
their all so you can enjoy those precious freedoms and opposed tyrany
no matter where it raises its ugly head!
The Alabama Division of Reenactors, Inc.
Serving Our Members Since 1986
A Partner Non Profit 501-c-3 With Heritage Keepers, Inc.
Upcoming Events - April
April 1-2

Janney Furnace
Ohatchee Alabama
48th Alabama Infantry

April 7- 9

Shiloh 155th
Shiloh Tennessee
Fallen Timbers Original Site
Hosted By The Altanta Campaign

April 22-23rd

Wilson's Raid
Woodland Alabama
Alabama Division
of Reenactors, 6th Alabama
Cav, 1st KyLt Artillery, Alabama State Artillery
& Co. F, 31st Alabama Infantry and
The Scharko Family

Summer meeting will be held at the John Inzer
Saturday August 5th at 9 AM - 4 PM

Please visit the Upcoming Events page for more details
about these events.  KES
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Welcome to the official
Web Site of the Alabama
Division of Reenactors.
Organized in 1986. Here
you can find all types of
information about

Our Deepest Sympathies to the family of
Colonel Henry Howard of our Medical
Henry passed away following a lengthy
illness amd will be deeply missed by all of
our members and family. God Rest Your
Soul Henry
In Appreciation!
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